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Sept 2017Tufan and Chandrani's work on carbonyl hydrosilylation using a dimeric Mn precatalyst has been published in Organometallics.

Sept 2017Nick has graduated and has been hired as a Sales Engineer at B&W Tek. Congrats!

July 2017Brian Glazier has joined the group as a graduate student and is going to be investigating Mn mediated alkene hydrosilylation chemistry. Welcome!

June 2017Chris travelled to the 48th SI Symposium in Philadelphia, PA to present on recent Mn and Ni hydrosilylation chemistry.

May 2017Hagit and Chris' paper on (DI)Co-H catalyzed alkyne and nitrile hydroboration has been featured in the 2017 Emerging Investigators collection in Chem. Comm.

March 2017Raja has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation and has decided to join Intel Corp as a CMP Engineer. Congrats!

March 2017Recent work by Tufan and Chris to elucidate the mechanisms of (PDI)Mn-catalyzed carbonyl and carboxylate hydrosilylation has just reached the JACS ASAP Articles page.

March 2017The group has received an NSF CAREER Award to advance Mn hydrosilylation catalysis.

January 2017Yvonne Manjarrez has joined the group and is working to prepare unnatural amino acids. Welcome!

August 2016 – Raja’s paper on Mo-catalyzed water reduction has been published in ChemComm.

August 2016 Sthitadhi Maiti has joined the group as a graduate student and is studying carbon dioxide reduction using Mo catalysts. Welcome!

May 2016 – Tufan’s efforts to study the reactivity of (Triphos)Fe halides towards sodium borohydrides is being featured in the Journal of Coordination Chemistry’s Emerging Leaders Issue.

May 2016 – Tufan has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation and is moving to University of Michigan to conduct postdoctoral studies with Prof. Nathaniel Szymczak. Congrats!

May 2016 – Several group members head to the 2016 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix to serve as Grand Awards Judges.

May 2016 – Nick has landed an internship with Freeport-McMoran and is off to Safford, AZ for the summer. 

April 2016Raja’s Mo(I) monoiodide complex is being featured in Dalton Transactions’ New Talent: Americas issue.

March 2016Hagit has successfully defended her M.S. Thesis. Congratulations!

March 2016Group field trip to San Diego for the 251st ACS National Meeting.

February 2016The reactivity of Chandrani’s iron dinitrogen complex has been published in ChemComm.

January 2016 – Daniela Balderas has joined the group as an undergraduate researcher to study Mo catalyzed CO2 reduction. Welcome!

October 2015 – Chandrani’s and Tufan’s paper on (PDEA)Mn-catalyzed aldehyde and ketone hydrosilylation has reached the Inorganic Chemistry ASAP Articles page.

September 2015 – The group has been awarded an ACS PRF Grant to study the mechanism of (PDI)Mn-catalyzed carbonyl hydrosilylation.

July 2015 –  Raja’s paper on Mo-catalyzed CO2 reduction has been published in Inorganic Chemistry. Congrats!

May 2015 – Corbin Parker has joined the group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome!

April 2015 – Tufan's and Nick's investigation of Mn-catalyzed proton reduction has been published in Inorganic Chemistry. Our collaborators in the Jones and Baik Groups helped bring this work together.

April 2015 – Congratulations to Lin for receiving a Fullbright U.S. Student Award!

March 2015 – Congratulations to Chris for passing his Ph.D. candidacy exam!

January 2015 – Lin and Joe have joined the group as undergraduate research associates and will be working to prepare CO2 reduction electrocatalysts.

December 2014 – Ryan has joined the Green Chemistry Commitment Advisory Board. We're excited to work with the Green Chemistry Commitment to improve sustainable chemistry education both at ASU and throughout the United States.

December 2014 – Ryan has been named a recipient of a 2015 Thieme Chemistry Journal Award, which is given to individuals “loosely defined as promising young professors at the beginning of their career.” Ryan thanks the editorial boards of Synlett, Synthesis, and Synfacts for this distinction.

December 2014 – Tufan’s efforts to elucidate the electronic structure of (Triphos)Fe(COT) complexes has reached the Organometallics Articles ASAP page. This work was conducted in collaboration with John Gordon and Nathan Smythe of Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Chemical Energy Storage Group (C-IIAC).

August 2014Raja’s discovery of bis(imino)pyridine-supported molybdenum hydrosilylation catalysts has been published in Inorganic Chemistry. Congrats!

June 2014 Tyler has graduated from Barrett, The Honors College at ASU and is the first student to leave our group. We wish him the best of luck in pursing his Ph.D. with Prof. Cliff Kubiak at UCSD.

May 2014Ryan’s review of manganese-based hydrosilylation catalysis has been published as an invited Synpacts article in Synlett.

April 2014 - Congratulation to Chandrani for passing her Ph.D. candidacy exam!

April 2014 - Piper Boyll has just joined the group as undergraduate researcher. Welcome!

January 2014 - The group has received funding from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement to develop catalysts that are capable of converting CO2 to formaldehyde. We are looking forward to working with Mu-Hyun Baik and his group on this project!

December 2013 - Tufan’s paper highlighting the catalytic hydrosilylation activity of (Ph2PPrPDI)Mn has appeared online as a newly accepted manuscript to the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Congrats!

September 2013 - Tyler’s work to design Ni-based hydrosilylation catalysts has been accepted for publication in Dalton Transactions. Congrats!

August 2013 - Chris Rock has become the fifth graduate student to join the group. Welcome! He is looking forward to developing Mn-based CO2 reduction catalysts.

July 2013 - Hagit’s paper describing the preparation of several new bis(imino)pyridine supported Rh complexes has been published online in the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. Congrats!

April 2013  - We are excited to welcome current ASU freshman Nick MacLean to the group.

April 2013 - The final of three glove boxes has arrived and we have begun to move into our newly renovated laboratory, PSD-318.

March 2013 - Congratulations to Raja and Tufan for passing their Ph.D. candidacy exam (on the same day)!

October 2012 - Incoming graduate student Chandrani Ghosh has just become the group’s fifth member. Welcome!

July 2012 - Tyler Porter, a junior in Barrett, The Honors College at ASU has joined the group.

July 2012 - Tufan’s paper featuring the characterization of several low-valent Triphos-supported Fe complexes has been accepted for publication in Chemical Communications. A big thanks to our collaborators at Los Alamos National Laboratory!

April 2012 - We have begun collaborating with ASU's Center for Bio-Inspired Solar Fuel Production to develop water oxidation and fuel production catalysts that can be incorporated into a photoelectrochemical cell.

January 2012 - The Trovitch Laboratory has been established in PSD-324. The founding group members include Tufan Mukhopadhyay, Raja Pal, and Hagit Ben-Daat.